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Secret of Beauty Sleep

A high quality sleep makes you feel relaxed and look good when waking up. Thanks to the thermo-regulating powers of natural organic silk, you stay cool when you want to. No more sweaty nights spent tossing and turning as you search for that ever elusive cool-side-of-the-eyemask. Made from 100% 6A pure mulberry silk on both sides, VAZA silk eyemasks retains the moisture and gentleness your skin need, conforming to the most rigorous standards from OEKO. 

Bye, Dry Hair! Hello, Shiny Hair! 

Equipped with a durable elastic to keep your head fit and comfortable, VAZASilk sleep bonnets reduce frizzy mess and hair abrasion when sleeping at night. Moreover, it is perfect for keeping your hairstyle fresh-looking when you wash your face and care for your skin. It stays roomy and snug on the head and protects hair from pulling. Not too tight and has no trace on the head. 

About VAZASilk

VAZA SILK treasures all our friends as they cherish their life, so we serve you with the best to make sure you experience ultimate comfort in every passing moment. You deserve a high-quality and delicate care, which VAZA SILK struggles to offer. 

Aimed at supplying best quality but still sustainable silk items for our friends, VAZA SILK invests time and energy into delivering 100% mulberry silk items with 6A international certification. At VAZA SILK, you are able to fulfill your eco-fashion dream. Every item here is sourced from Mulberry trees which is less water-waste than other materials like cotton.

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Customers Overall Rating

Nadeera J

Love this bonnet.. THIS Bonnet stays in place the entire night and leaves my curls intact. I just may buy the navy one too as a back up. Highly recommend!

Bommie C

It does the job!I just got a second pair so I can alternate them when one needs washing. The design could be a tad better. I mean it's double sides, so that's great! 

Ben S

It fits well and isn't tight or bumpy like others. It keeps my hair contained and less messy. I would buy again.

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