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Unser Material

Natural Premium Material

Silk - The Queen of Fibers

For thousands of years, Silk has been considered the most luxurious textile material. Thanks to its naturality, mulberry silk is known for its breathability, hypoallergenic, and moisture retention.
With a signature pearl-like gloss shines on its surface and the touch of its heavenly smoothness that feels like bare skins, our 100% mulberry silk relax both your body and soul by comforting every inch of you on your hair and skin with 18 beneficial amino acids that bring better feelings of natural and safe.

Design For Comfort

With over 12 years' expertise in silk-making, designing, and manufacturing, we are confident in all of our products.
 They are crafted and tested to ensure maximum comfort and approved by millions of our customers.
We only use the finest long ­fiber mulberry silk (Grade 6A) to make our products, with a wide range of choices on thickness from 19 momme to 25 momme. We go to great lengths to keep our products safe, clean, and toxin-free with OEKO-TEX certification.

Never Stop Innovating

With over 20 years’ expertise in silk-making, designing, and manufacturing, we never stop innovating.
After unremitting research lasting years, we are proud of our revolutionary Natural Gold-Silk Collection which, is a solution for very sensitive skin and for those who are allergic to colorants. We will also launch our unique 100% Charmeuse silk range, with elasticity – a gamechanger in the silk industry.

Care For All

No matter what we do, we do it with care and considerations for our customers, staff, partners, and the world. The natural fibers are degradable, only take 1 to 5 years to decompose which is 50 times faster than synthetic materials. Mulberry trees require less water than cotton to grow and they are not sprayed with pesticides to protect the soil. Our products are classic and simple, which are designed to be used for a long time to reduce waste.