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How to Put Hair in Silk Bonnet: Step-by-Step Guidance

A silk bonnet is a helpful nightcap for ladies to take care of their hair, especially for ladies with curly or straight hair, and it is also a fashion accessory to express personality.

There are many different styles and designs of silk bonnets on the market and many people have had their own silk bonnet on wet hair, but have no idea how to put hair in a silk bonnet properly.

In this article, we'll explain step by step how to put on a silk bonnet.

VAZASILK silk bonnet

Why wearing a silk bonnet?

For those who want to have a perfect hairstyle while sleeping without damaging it, a silk bonnet can work wonders.

According to VAZASILK, regularly wearing a silk bonnet can prevent hair from splitting and drying, as it can prevent hair follicles from colliding with moisture-absorbing materials such as cotton. It can also help you avoid general friction that may damage your hair if you know how to wear a silk bonnet.

If you have curly or wavy hair, wearing a silk bonnet while sleeping at night can keep your hair in shape overnight. Besides, you may have a question that can i wear a bonnet with straight hair?Sure! And we can tell you how to put on silk bonnet.

Pinky's Silk Bonnet

How to put your hair in a silk bonnet?

1. Preparing Your Hair Before Wearing a Silk Bonnet
You need to prepare your hair before putting your hair in a silk bonnet. Put some conditioner, or hair oil on your hair and rub it gently to make your bonnet with wet hair. do silk bonnets work for straight hair? It is better to twist your bonnet for straight hair and hold it in a good shape to prevent tangling before putting the bonnet on.

Blissy Silk Bonnet

2. Putting Your Hair in Silk Bonnet
After preparing your hair, you'll need to stretch the silk bonnet open with both hands, and place the bonnet over your head. Make sure the elastic band is at the back.

Slightly adjust the bonnet until it covers your hair completely and make sure there are no loose strands outside the bonnet. Pull the elastic band down to your forehead to secure the bonnet and make sure it stays in your head stable.


No matter your hair is curly or straight, wearing bonnet straight hair and bonnet on wet hair are a good way to protect your hair while sleeping. It is necessary to know how to wear the bonnet properly. By following the steps mentioned above, we believe that you can wear a bonnet properly and easily, and your hair will stay protected and moisturized throughout the whole night.


Q1. Can i put wet hair in a bonnet?
A: No, never put wet hair in a silk bonnet. Wet hair silk bonnet will make the bonnet damp and will lead to mildew. This will damage the fabric badly. It is recommended to always wear a silk bonnet with your hair dry.

Q2. how to put a silk bonnet on wet hair?
A: 1.Flip head upside down. 2.Hold the bonnet open with both hands. 3.Hook the bonnet at the nape of your neck. 4.Stretch the bonnet downwards, over your the length of your curls. 5.Press the ends of your curls up towards your scalp to gather it into the bonnet.

Q3. how to put a bonnet on straight hair?
A: Pull the back of the bonnet over the nape of your neck. To secure your bonnet onto your head, hook the elastic band at the back of your bonnet onto the nape of your neck. Adjust the elastic band so it sits straight on the back of your neck (instead of being bunched up or off-center).