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22 Momme Silk Duvet Cover

Prix de vente$399.00 USD Prix normal$499.00 USD

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The 22 Momme weight class is a step-up from the entry-level 19 Momme product line in terms of luxury and quality. Made from silk fibers and weaved in charmeuse style with a great finish for extra-polished surface shine, this duvet cover will undoubtedly brighten up your bedroom, and with a higher thread count, it is also more durable.
  • 22 Momme Charmeuse Silk, Glossy, Smooth, Soft
  • Thread Count: 600
  • Hidden Zipper Closure At The Side
  • 8 Corner Ties To Help Keep The Inner Comforter in Place.


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22 Momme Silk Duvet Cover
22 Momme Silk Duvet Cover Prix de vente$399.00 USD Prix normal$499.00 USD

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