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4 Steps to Keep Your Silk Bonnet on at Night

Many ladies wear a silk bonnet at night to protect hair while sleeping. However, it is easy to come off if the band of the bonnet is too loose. If you are also using a silk hair bonnet and are troubled by this issue, try the tips below on how to keep a silk bonnet on at night for whole night hair protection.

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Make Sure to Choose the Right Bonnet

To keep the bonnet in its position overnight, the most important thing is to choose a silk bonnet that fits your head. But how to choose the right bonnet?

First of all, check the materials: always look for a 100% 6A mulberry silk bonnet, better above 19 momme.

The second most important is the size: Make sure you choose the right size that suits your head circumference. The bonnet may slip off during your sleep if it is too large or too small.

Then you should consider the style of the bonnet. Some bonnets have a tight elastic band to fit most head circumferences, and some others have a looser fit. Choose the style that suits you most.

Besides, you can choose the colors and brands as you like.

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Prepare Your Hair Before Putting On

To put your hair in a silk bonnet properly, you need to prepare your hair before wearing it. You can use some oil to make your hair smooth and moist. It is better to wrap your hair before putting the silk bonnet on. In this way, it will be easier to secure your bonnet and prevent tangles and frizz for the whole night.

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Use Hair Ties, Silk Scarf or Bobby Pins

Though have put on the silk bonnet with your hair prepared, your hair may slip out during the night. So using a hair tie or a silk scarf or a bobby pin would be helpful. Use the hair tie, scarf, or bobby pin to keep the edges of the bonnet to your hair after you put on your silk bonnet, and adjust it to a proper position, thus protecting your hair throughout the whole night.

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Adjust and Secure Your Bonnet

Adjust your bonnet and secure it properly after you have put on a silk bonnet. Pull the elastic band of the silk bonnet to the back of your neck to keep it in the right place and prevent it from sliding off.


Using a silk bonnet is a great way to protect your hair while you are sleeping. However, the silk bonnet may easily fall during the night if not well put on.

 By following the steps mentioned above, you can know how to keep bonnet on at night and enjoy a good sleep without any worries. Always choose a well-fitting bonnet, prepare your hair before putting it on, use hair ties or Bobby pins, and secure the bonnet properly.

With these simple steps, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of silk bonnets and wake up with beautiful, healthy hair.


Q1: Why does my silk bonnet fall off?

Check if the elastic band of your bonnet is too loose or if the size does not fit your head circumference. So always choose a silk bonnet in the right size and use hair ties or Bobby pins to secure it in place after putting it on.

Q2: How do I wear a bonnet overnight?

To wear a silk bonnet overnight, prepare your hair first, and then put your bonnet on and use hair ties or Bobby pins to secure it in place. Pull the elastic band of the silk bonnet down to the back of your neck to keep it in the right place.

Q3: Should I sleep with a silk bonnet every night?

It's recommended to sleep with a silk bonnet every night to protect your hair from friction and breakage. Silk bonnets are also great for maintaining moisture and preventing frizz, so you can wake up with healthy, shiny hair.