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Silk Pillowcase Brand Review:
Slip Silk Pillowcase vs Vazasilk Pillowcase

Still wake up with matted, tangled silk bonnet or pillowcase? Don't hesitate to splurge on a premium silk pillowcase

Hundreds of thousands of beauty enthusiasts have proven for you that 100% pure silk bedding items play a significant role in reducing irritation and hair frizz, smoothing wrinkles, maximizing the efficiency of your skincare products and keeping your skin and hair in a cool environment.

Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk, produced by silkworms who eat leaves from mulberry trees. A, B, and C scale means a different grade of silk quality. Grade-A silk is the best, showing naturally white with a noticeable sheen. Starting with 2A and going up to 6A, the process of producing mulberry silk products becomes more difficult and needs a higher cost. If you are looking for a premium silk product, 6A mulberry silk should be the first choice. So it confuses people a lot when shopping for a silk pillowcase.

Two pillowcases, pros and cons of silk pillowcases, with similar prices could be of different quality, while same-quality silk pillowcases could also be completely different in price. Here we reviewed two different brands, Slip and Vazasilk by comparing their price, material and shopping experience to figure out the one suits you better.

slip silk pillowcase

What is Slip silk pillowcase?

Slip is a beauty brand that specializes in silk-based products, especially the silk bonnet and pillowcase. In 2004, a dermatologist recommended Fiona Stewart use a silk pillowcase to soothe her sensitive skin and thinning hair. After that, Fiona did not only regard silk as her own beauty secret but also created the silk brand Slip.

Slip's products are made from the highest quality 6A pure mulberry silk, such as the slip silk bonnet, slip hair bonnet and slip silk pioowcase, sourced from one of the top silk suppliers in China. To ensure the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability, silk bonnet or pillowcase are specially commissioned and made to Slip's exacting standards. Besides, it has own slip silk pillowcase discount. codeSlip's silk pillowcases are renowned for preventing wrinkles, promoting healthy hair, and reducing frizz and breakage.

Highly recommended by dermatologists, aestheticians, and celebrities, like Kourtney Kardashian, Dennis Gross, Gabrielle Union and Janet Jackson, Slip becomes a favorite among those seeking to enhance their beauty routine with luxurious and effective products.

vazasilk pillowcase

What is Vazasilk pillowcase?

Vazasilk is an emerging niche brand that was founded in 2020. The brand specializes in producing high-quality silk products made from the finest 6A grade pure mulberry silk, which is sourced from the city of Huzhou in China, known for its production of authentic silk. Vazasilk has a robust supply chain which is also the supplier to many famous silk brands. You could always trust the quality of their products.

As a new marketer in the silk market, Vazasilk has made a strong impression on consumers due to its strict standards of production and the quality of its products. Vazasilk devoted itself to delivering the best products to its customers so that a loyal customer base comes for the brand.

In addition to basic silk products, Vazasilk has created a range of new and unique printed patterns, which makes Vazasilk a unique designer brand in the silk market. With its high-quality products and excellent customer service, Vazasilk is prone to becoming a leading niche brand in the silk market.

Comparing Slip VS Vazasilk

silk material

Firstly, the pros and cons of silk pillowcases between the two brands. Slip creates pillowcases using the highest grade 6A long fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme. The silk is developed and refined over ten years before the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability. Slip's pillowcases have been shown to significantly reduce friction and absorb significantly less face cream.

Comfortable, hypoallergenic 6A silk with antibacterial and anti-mite effects is also applied by Vazasilk. Both Slip and Vazasilk have implemented stringent quality control measures to ensure that their products meet the highest standards.

Additionally, they both use 22 momme and 6A mulberry silk to provide customers with exceptional quality products. It's no surprise that these brands are trusted by discerning customers around the world.

silk price

Received endorsements from various reputable magazines, Slip is a well-known brand among celebrities and social media influencers. It has a certain level of brand premium and slip silk coupon code, after all, it has become a popular star in the silk industry. The price of the Slip pillowcase is $89 for queen size, but its quality deserves its price and slip pillowcase review.

On the other hand, Vazasilk is a relatively new brand, relying more on word-of-mouth recommendations, and investing less in advertisements. The price of the Vazasilk pillowcase is relatively affordable, which is $79.99. Vazasilk seems to gain a vote of confidence in terms of pricing.

silk shopping experience

Shopping Experience
As for shopping experience, slip silk pillowcase discount code offers free returns and free shipping, making it easy for customers to purchase products without worrying about additional costs. So you can get its slip silk coupon code on Slip's website. In addition, Slip provides same-day dispatch and a nice package presentation, which adds to the overall shopping experience. However, Slip has limited options for print patterns, which may be a drawback for customers looking for a wider selection.

On the other hand, Vazasilk offers free shipping on orders over $50, but actually just shopping for a silk pillowcase could reach this benefit. Providing a gift package, a Vazasilk pillowcase is a better gift choice. Besides, Vazasilk offers multiple options for print patterns, giving customers a wide variety of choices to satisfy their preferences.


The silk pillowcases from Slip and Vazasilk are both high-quality 6A grade mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 momme. Vazasilk wins in the advantage of a lower price point and a wider range of unique print options. For those who demand fast delivery, Slip is a nice option, while Vazasilk would be a first gift choice. Ultimately, the decision between the two will depend on personal preferences and needs. Regardless of which brand is chosen, high-quality silk pillowcases definitely improve the quality of sleep and overall well-being.


Q1: Which is the best quality silk?

A1: Mulberry silk is no doubt to be the finest quality silk. Being extremely soft and shiny, mulberry silk has various grades. From 2A to 6A, the higher grade means the higher quality. Meanwhile, the density of silk is calculated by the unit momme. The larger number of momme, the greater density and quality. 22 momme is the best choice with high quality and affordable price. 

Q2: What is the average price of silk pillowcase?

The price of a silk pillowcase is range from $30 to $90. J Jimoo Natural Silk Pillowcase is the best budget $28 which is made of 19 momme 100% mulberry silk. The most popular one is Slip Silk Pillowcase, you can get slip silk discount code on Slip's website. Our top picks and the best overall is Vazasilk 100% mulberry silk pillowcase for $67. 

Q3:Is it better to use a bonnet vs silk pillowcase?

It all comes down to what area of your beauty routine you are looking for the most improvement. The silk pillowcase is going to have more benefits for your skin, and the silk bonnet will focus more on improving your hair's health. So if you compare the silk pillowcase vs silk bonnet, you should read above firstly.