19 Momme Silk Flat Sheet

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Color: Silver Gray

Silver Gray
Rosy Pink

Size: Twin

California King
·VAZASILK's flat sheet is masterfully crafted from 19-Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Silk.
·Hypoallergenic with anti-bacterial properties, it ensures a clean, soothing sleep.
·Experience temperature regulation with silk, keeping you cool and preserves warmth.
·Champions skin's youthful vitality with silk's smooth surface that prevents sleep lines and moisturizes.
·The Default Price Is For One Duvet Cover Only.

It's about a rejuvenating night's sleep and an elevated bedroom experience, nothing matches the artistry and benefits of VAZASILK's new silk flat sheet. Your sleep sanctuary awaits.


Skin's Silky Secret:

Glowing skin? That’s the touch of 100% mulberry silk. With minimized friction, it preserves your skin's natural hydration. Each morning unveils skin that seems to murmur, "Thank you for the nightly embrace."

A Night of Dreamy Delights:

Sleep gets a luxurious upgrade with the caress of our genuine 100% mulberry silk. It naturally balances temperature, making each night a harmonious blend of comfort and coolness. Because you deserve unparalleled slumber.

Hair's Silken Shield:

Say goodbye to morning tangles and breakage! Our 100% mulberry silk gently cradles your hair, ensuring it stays smooth and radiant. Turn every night into a beauty session for your locks. Wake up, shine, and dazzle.