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One-Size-Fits-Most Classic Wireless Silk Bra For Women

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Color:1 Pack-Baby Lavender

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Our one-size-fits-most silk bra adapts you better than ever - you may never need to worry about sizing again! Soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric for all-day-long comfort. The silk material is blended with spandex, providing you with maximum freedom to move your body. This bra fits almost any size as a one-size design, and it is best suited for anyone who wears a traditional band between 31.5-40” and an A-D cup.

  • Body/Wing: 66% Nylon + 34% Lycra
  • Cup/Strap lining: 95% Silk + 5% Spandex
  • Non-Wired & Fixed Wide Straps
  • No Uncomfortable Back Buckles
  • Two-piece Detachable Built-In Pads can be removed from both sides (hand wash recommended)

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Care: Machine Washable.(Care Instructions)

One-Size-Fits-Most Classic Wireless Silk Bra For Women
One-Size-Fits-Most Classic Wireless Silk Bra For Women Precio de oferta$49.00 USD Precio normal$62.00 USD

The Best Value Underwear You Deserve

Why It's Better Than Regular Underwear

Regular Underwear

Silk Underwear

Cotton underwearturns yellowby time and hard to clean up, breeding bacterial that cause yeast infections. Underwear made from other man-made fabrics containsharmful chemicalsmore or less.

Silk is naturallyhypoallergenic and antibacterial, so silk underwear is healthier than common underwear. Itwon't cause allergyeither, which would be a life saver for people with sensitive skin.

Cotton underwear boasts good breathability, yet it tends todeform easilyby time. Some underwear of man-made fabric are also breathable but arenot as good as silk fabric.

Silk fabric is verysoft and smoothandskin-friendly, so silk underwear are like our second skin. Silk knitted underwear isbreathablewhile charmeuse silk underwear will not get deformed easily.

In contrast, underwear made from man-made fabric isnonbiodegradablehence it's not environment friendly.

Silk is a natural protein fiber that isbiodegradable. So it does no harms to environment.

The average underwear price on market ranges $20~$40, and some brands can cost more.