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Vazasilk Bonnet VS Thxsilk Bonnet: Which one is better?

It seems a little bit overwhelming to find a pure mulberry silk bonnet that best works for you. This article will compare two best-seller silk brands Vazasilk and Thxsilk across the brand introduction, silk quality, product design, company product, packing, price, shipping and consumer review. I hope this will help you shop smart for a silk bonnet.

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How to choose a silk bonnet?

What is Vazasilk?

What is a silk bonnet?

Vazasilk is one of the best silk brands in China, founded in 2020 and located on the beautiful shore of Taihu Lake, the hometown of Chinese silk quilts. Their simple goal is to hope people can have better sleep each day and live healthier. They invest time and energy into delivering 100% mulberry silk items with 6A international certification. At Vaza silk, you are able to fulfill your eco-fashion dream. They offer products across these categories, including silk pillowcases, silk masks, silk scrunchies and silk ribbons. Limited categories with the highest quality product at an affordable price.

What is Thxsilk?

The best silk bonnet

Thxsilk is a brand that specializes in producing high-quality silk products, headquartered in China. They are committed to providing the best sleeping experience while also caring about environmental protection. They use pure natural mulberry silk and continuously innovate and develop multiple patented technologies to ensure the quality and comfort of each product. Thxsilk is a wide-ranging silk sleepwear, bedding, and accessories company. They offer various items, including silk bedsheets, blankets, pajamas, and hair accessories.

Comparing Vazasilk VS Thxsilk

The benefits of using a silk bonnet

1. Material

Vaza silk bonnet is made from 100% pure mulberry silk. This type of silk is known for its softness, strength, and lustrous appearance. The natural organic silk smoothes people's hair and makes people feel cool in the warm weather. Every material there is sourced from mulberry trees, which is less water-waste than other materials like cotton. Thxsilk bonnet is made with 22 MM mulberry silk, which means it is not 100% organic natural material. The bonnet is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified safe from harmful chemicals. The silk materials that Thxsilk used are not bad, but it is not 100% mulberry silk.

2. Design

At Vazasilk, there are different styles of silk bonnets you can choose from. The double-layer pink peach pattern, which is my favorite one, always makes me feel girly. The single layer pure color silk bonnet is one of their most popular products, which can be easily paired with various clothing and occasions. Timeless designs feature a 22-momme double layer, knot on the front, and elastic design on the back. For Thxsilk, there are 10 classic colors you can choose from, including pearl white, Charming Pink, Light Blue, and more. The design is very simple without any uniqueness. It is just a plain silk turban to protect the hair from frizz and split ends. Vazasilk offers a better choice of bonnet style.


The silk is packaged in a beautiful gift box. It comes in a lightweight paperboard package with a beautiful bowknot. For me, it is always a perfect gift choice for my mother, my friend and of course, myself. For Thxsilk, their bonnet comes in a lightweight satin and plastic package. It is not visually appealing, and gives people a cheap feeling. It does not look durable enough to protect the products inside and it is easy to open.


Vaza Silk Single Layer Bonnet retails for $44.99, and Double Layer Bonnet retails for $74.99. Now, anyone can enjoy a 20% off discount on the whole website. For shipping, standard Delivery is usually around 8-10 business days, and the shipping cost is free for orders over $50. The Thxsilk Bonnet retails for $29.99. However, shipping is kind of tricky. Their website says the shipping is free when the order is over $249 and it has lots of thxsilk coupons, otherwise, the shipping cost is $15.99, which means that ordering a single silk bonnet will cost you a total of $45.98, including shipping.


Why we need use a silk bonnet?

According to our comparison, our recommendation is Vazasilk, a pure mulberry silk bonnet is a better value than Thxsilk for a number of reasons. Apart from that, you will have to pay a $15.99 shipping fee to receive your bonnet within two weeks, and it is not reasonable. At Vaza, they just have high-quality products and no confusing pricing.


1. Why do we need to use a silk bonnet?

Silk bonnets are the perfect accessory to keep hair defined and hydrated, and protect hair from split ends and against frizz while sleeping. On a daily basis, it can be used as a headband. You can wear it for making up, bathing or even doing housework.

2. Can I put my wet hair in a silk bonnet?

Yes, you can! If you're too tired to blowdry and air dry your hair before going to bed, a silk bonnet will protect your hair from friction and reduce frizz. The unhealthy situations of sleeping with wet hair are still unsure, it is always safe to take some protection to avoid infection.

3. Does sleeping in a silk bonnet help hair growth?

Tossing and turning, especially to make your hair against a cotton pillowcase, always leads to friction that makes for a frizzy the next day. Wearing a silk bonnet at night prevents any abrasion and also promotes healthy hair growth.